KAIHOUROU is Otaru City Designated Historic Building No. 71 Former ITAYA RESIDENCE.
There is a mansion of Mr. Itaya Miyakichi, the founder of Itaya merchant ship, which is the shipping king of Otaru.

Itaya Miyakichi's mansion who made his fortune in shipping industry.

It is located in the elevation of Shinonome-cho, which is about 5 minutes by car from the Otaru Canal.
Today there is a Japanese style main building, a Western style building following the north side, and a stone warehouse behind.This building was built between the Taisho 15th and the 19th Showa era.Following the main building of the wooden building, two-story buildings of Japanese style and Western style are built, Western style buildings are built, the present atmosphere is transmitted.
Western style mortar-painted building has a roof of Mansard covered with copper plate, creating a dignified atmosphere.

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