Front Desk

Entering from the entrance and proceeding as it is, there is the front desk with calm style that conveys the flow from Taisho to Showa.


The accommodation building is connected by a bridge corridor, and when you pass through Itamiya residence, the lobby displaying Ito Tadanori's painting will be greeted.


Dinner and breakfast are prepared at the former ITAYA RESIDENCE of historic buildings respectively.
Mainly from local seafood surrounded by the sea of Shiribeshi district, using the Otaru chicken and used freshly used luxuries, the chefs of KAIHOUROU CLUB make Creative Japanese cuisine and have selected carefully selected Hokkaido drinks and alcohols.

The large public baths on the top floor

The large public bath on the top floor overlooks the cityscape of Otaru, and you can see the sunset that sets in the Sea of ​​Japan when you're lucky. Please enjoy luxurious moments.

French spa fragrance and healing natural skin skincare brand (take home for free)

While moisturizing the skin, protect skin from external factors in everyday life.
The deep sea water which is the foundation of the product carefully selects the water quality and place strictly. Deep ocean water is always in contact with granite in a natural state, it contains abundant minerals, calcium and magnesium, giving firmness and gloss.

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