A hotel that satisfies your heart KAIHOUROU CLUB

located on the hill of SuitenguTemple, melts into around without claiming, but also self-assertive internal space.A box space design not in everyday life produces the appearance of floating on the water\'s side along with a historic building, and having a full open wooden window cuts off the city site desired across Otaru designated historic buildings. That space responds to the cityscape which made use of the materials of Otaru City.

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Dining overview

Mainly from local seafood surrounded by the sea of Shiribeshi district, using the Otaru chicken and used freshly used luxuries, the chefs of KAIHOUROU CLUB make Creative Japanese cuisine and have selected carefully selected Hokkaido drinks and alcohols.

Rooms overview

There are three kinds of rooms in the Kaihourou club.
We offer the amenities service to all types
Coffee mill and coffee beans are also available.you can enjoy fresh ground coffee.
Enjoy a wonderful stay in a quiet space

Facilities in the hotel overview

Dinner and breakfast are prepared at the former ITAYA RESIDENCE of historic buildings respectively.
The accommodation building is connected by a bridge corridor, and when you pass through Itamiya residence, the lobby displaying Ito Tadanori\'s painting will be greeted, We have a separated large public bathrooms for men and women that have the view of Ishikari Bay at the accommodation building 4F.

About restaurant opening

Restaurant opening hours
· Lunch from 11 o\'clock to 14 o\'clock · Dinner from 17 o\'clock to 21 o\'clock * Lunch can be booked without reservation, dinner must be booked 3 days in advance.
Lunch menu
· Hana-kago lunch meal 2,800 yen Tax excl.
· Otaru chicken meal 3,800 yen Tax excl.
Dinner menu
· KAIHOUROU Enkai-seki 8,000 yen Tax excl.
· KAIHOUROU meal 5,000 yen Tax excl.